Grandpa's Scrapbook


Leonard Bond Chapman, son of Henry and Hannah (Bond) Chapman, was born on his father’s farm on Congress Street in Stroudwater Village in the town of Deering, Maine (now known as Portland). Here he listened to stories about his ancestors and other early settlers, and these stories sparked a lifelong interest in local history and genealogy. Mr. Chapman was the publisher of the newspaper, The Deering News during the late 1800s and early 1900s. His most enduring legacy was “Grandpa’s Scrapbook,” an article published as a regular column in this newspaper. This book includes a large portion of the published Scrapbook articles. Some have been omitted because the process of mechanical printing for the original newspaper left some articles unreadable. The surviving articles should provide today’s researcher with a refreshing look into the local history and genealogies of Portland, Westbrook and Scarborough, Maine. This book includes a section on the descendants of Edward Chapman from 1644 up to the mid-1800s, photographs of Chapman’s home and gravesite, and a combined full-name plus subject index.

Leonard Bond Chapman

(2001), 2012, 7x10, paper, index, 452 pp.

ISBN: 9780788418815