Our Maryland Heritage, Book 31: The Hays and Gott Families


Mr. Hurley’s Our Maryland Heritage Series continues with this book, which investigates the Hays and Gott Families, being principally the descendants of Thomas Hays (1678) and the descendants of Richard Gott, the immigrant who died in 1661. Both of the families descendants are primarily from Montgomery and Frederick Counties in Maryland, but they also include numerous references to the family found in other counties of Maryland and other states. The Hays family section has chapters on Thomas Hays (1678-1747), Leonard Hays (1759-1822), Elizabeth Eleanor Hays (1818-1855), and miscellaneous Hays family members, which include: Frank R. Hays, Franklyn O. Hays, Jonathan Hays Jr., Thomas Hays (1791-1843), Levin Hays, and Wilson Lee Hays Jr., along with many others. The Gott family section has chapters on Richard Gott, The Immigrant, Anthony Gott (1694-1781), Mary Collinson Gott (1804-1890), Richard Gott Jr. (1807-1853), Robert Gott (d. 1695) and miscellaneous Gott family members. The Hays and Gott Families is a valuable research tool that provides all kinds of interesting details (when available) on topics like occupations, personal belongings, military service and litigations.

William Neal Hurley, Jr.

(2002), 2007, 5½x8½, paper, index, 164 pp.

ISBN: 9780788420337