Cavalier Adventures: The Story of Henry Norwood


Henry Norwood survived a perilous voyage across the Atlantic, only to be stranded on an isolated Fenwick Island in the winter of 1650. Henry Norwood, a young Cavalier in the service of the exiled King Charles II, left England sailing on a ship to Virginia. For months passengers barely survived storms and starvation. Finally close to land, Norwood joined a party going ashore for provisions, only to be left when the ship departed without them. In the bitter cold of mid-January, nineteen people found themselves on an uninhabited barrier island with no shelter and little food. They chose Norwood as their leader.

Cavalier’s Adventures is a true story, told through text, maps and illustrations by the author, interspersed with Norwood’s original comments. Sharon Himes is an artist and writer with a special interest in the history and nature of the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia. Her wildflower paintings in watercolor and historic maps in pen and ink celebrate the heritage of the region.

Sharon Himes

(2000, 2002), 2015, 5½x8½, paper, index, 178 pp.

ISBN: 9780788420726