The Illinois Manuscripts: Vol. 1Z of the Draper Manuscript Collection


This captivating collection of transcripts taken from the Draper Manuscript Collection consists of a series of letters concerning American pioneers in Illinois, along with a few original papers of Capt. James Piggott. History told from this first-hand perspective is rich with the flavor of the times that will fascinate readers and delight historians. Rather than a replacement for the Draper Manuscript, this transcript was created as an aid to the use of it. Researchers will appreciate the fullname plus subject index, and data-rich entries such as the list of killed and wounded at St. Clair’s Defeat. This collection of correspondence, and other material, was furnished to Draper (1842-68) by J. M. Peck, Isaac Newton Piggott, John Reynolds, Pierre Menard, Benjamin Scott, James Lemen, John T. Lusk and George Lusk. Discussions cover a wide variety of topics including Daniel Boone, the early history of the West, participants in the Black Hawk War, the histories of John Murdock and James Piggott, the noted hunter Alexis Doza, the Illinois pioneer Joseph Ogle Sr., the Harpes and other outlaws, the early history of St. Clair County, and much more, concluding with a sketch of the life of Gen. Samuel Whiteside.


Craig L. Heath


(2003), 2007, 5½x8½, paper, index, 240 pp.

ISBN: 9780788423277