Washington's Expeditions (1753-1754) and Braddock's Expedition (1755), with a history of Tom Fausett, the slayer of General Edward Braddock


The French and the English had both arrived at about the same time in North America. The French appeared mostly in modern-day Canada, and later, along the area bounding the Mississippi River. The English appeared mostly along the Atlantic coast from modern-day Massachusetts to Georgia, but soon felt the urge to press westwards. Both European powers wanted full control of North America. This volume describes the expeditions of George Washington and Edward Braddock, the initiatives of that great struggle between two powerful countries to decide whether America was to be an appendage of France or the land of an English-speaking people.

James Hadden

(1910), 2006, 5½x8½, paper, index, 180 pp.

ISBN 9780788423376