Confederate Cemeteries, Volume 2


The second book in the Confederate Cemeteries series, lists the names of over 10,500 Confederate soldiers that died during the Civil War. The vast majority of the burials listed are Confederate soldiers that died during the war. However, the names of some Confederate veterans are included. Also included are the names of over one hundred Union soldiers that were buried along with the Confederates. The deaths of these Union soldiers were not included in the United States Quartermaster's 27-volume Roll of Honor series. The majority of these Federal soldiers' remains were never moved to national cemeteries. Also included are the names of servants, slaves, and even one African-American Confederate buried in these cemeteries. In writing Confederate Cemeteries, Mr. Hughes used material from state archives. The Library of Congress, The National Archives, university library collections, and material located in private collections. Some of this material included heretofore-unpublished cemetery rosters, long out-of-print books, unpublished manuscripts, 19th century magazine articles, and cemetery surveys. Arranged alphabetically, the information about each soldier, in most cases, includes: the soldier's name, company, regiment, state, and date of death or burial. Occasionally the cause of the soldier's death is included. Some of the thirty-six cemeteries included in volume 2 include Blandford Cemetery at Petersburg, Stauton's Thornrose Cemetery, Ashland's Woodland Cemetery, the University of Virginia's Soldier's Cemetery, Woodbine Cemetery at Harrisonburg, Fredericksburg's Confederate Cemetery, and the Old City Cemetery at Lynchburg. Over 40 photos highlight this must-have for those researching the Civil War.

Mark Hughes

(2003), 2006, 5½x8½, paper, alphabetical, 522 pp.

ISBN: 9780788423451