Swabby: World War II Enlisted Sailors Tell It Like It Was, A Nation's Grateful Salute to the World War II Enlisted Sailor


Open this volume anywhere and share the adventures of World War II enlisted men--swabbies. Enlisted men formed the largest group of casualties of the U.S. Navy in World War II. Far from the public eye, these men were packed into steaming, crowded, almost unlivable quarters, with no privacy whatsoever. This volume is comprised of personal recollections from hundreds of World War II "Old Salts" who came from all corners of the United States to defend their country. These vivid personal memories put the reader on board with the telling of each funny incident or tragic experience relating to a shipmate or officer, the food or quarters. Throughout the attack, enemy planes were so close to my boat that the expression on some of the pilots' faces was clearly visible. It was a serious, solemn look, not a smile as some have reported. Many histories have been written about the fighting ships of World War II, but no book has ever been written about these brave patriots. Hundreds of photographs and numerous delightful illustrations enhance the text.

Jack Haberstroh

(2005), 2015, paper, 716 pp.

ISBN: 9780788423628