Hawley, Halley, Holley and Families of Similar Surnames Found in the Early Records of England, Maryland and Virginia: A Resource Book


The purpose of this volume is to help individuals researching these and similar surnames to identify target individuals easily, regardless of the surname changes. A total of 248 family units are presented in this new edition, including updates and corrections on the 138 original family units described in the first edition of this work. Research results are included for England, Barbados, thirteen Maryland counties, six North Carolina counties and fifty-eight Virginia counties. Limited research results are included for Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi and West Virginia. A small number of research results on the allied families of Burch, Courtney, Legg and Oden are included in the section on related families. The research data is presented with English records first, compiled by region; the American records are next, alphabetized by state and county. These records include: apprenticeship indentures, arms, Bible, birth, cemetery, census, certificates, church, court, early colonial, employment, grants, land, legal, marriage, muster, military, newspaper, obituary, orders, property sales, rent rolls, rights, surveys, tax, tithables, warrants and wills. Other sections of this excellent resource include descendants of female Hawleys, a list of sources, a full-name index and an index of research units. This is the improved second edition.

Laura Hawley

(2003), 2013, 5½x8½, paper, index, 362 pp.

ISBN: 9780788423727