Montgomery County, Maryland Families: A Collection of Genealogies of Early Families of Montgomery County, Maryland: Volume 2


Having long since nearly exhausted sources of information relative to his immediate family, and having now lived in Montgomery County for nearly sixty years, Mr. Hurley turned to the study of the older families of the county, first toward those with whom he had distant family ties, and later to the more important older groups that had not been thoroughly studied. Mr. Hurley's research led to the popular Our Maryland Heritage series, which grew to more than forty individual books. Volume two of this new series includes a collection of various Montgomery County families of importance: Cooley, Dwyer, Dyson, Fyffe, Metzger, Piles, Spates, Townsend, and Wootton. A bibliography and a full name index add to the value of this work.

William Neal Hurley, Jr.

2004, 5½x8½, paper, index, 330 pp.

ISBN: 9780788424984