New Mexico Private Land Claims


New Mexico-Private Land Claims - House of Representatives.

This volume opens with a letter from the Secretary of the Interior, “communicating documents in relation to private land claims in New Mexico,” February 10, 1860. It contains transcripts of documents relating to nineteen private land claims (claim numbers twenty to thirty-eight) in New Mexico which were referred to the Committee of Private Land Claims on February 10, 1860. November 30, 1859, the General Land Office presented these documents to Congress for their final action. “These claims have been investigated and approved by the surveyor general of New Mexico, with the exception of number 26, which has been rejected by him.” Individual claims generally contain a Notice, Grant—Spanish, Grant—Translation (English), Testimony, and Report. Some claims also contain Power of Attorney, Order of Possession, Conveyance, Notice of Appeal, Receipt for Deed, and/or Certificate of Possession. The Notice lists the names of petitioners, the grantee(s), heirs and others involved; it describes the land, its location, and its boundaries. The Report gives a detailed chronological account of the claim. Claimants include: Town of Las Vegas and Thos. Baca et als., Town of Tajique, Town of Torreon, Town of Manzano, Town of San Isidro, Town of Cañon de San Diego, Juan B. Vigil et al., Town of Las Trampas, Heirs of Sebastian Martin, Town of Antonchico, Indians of Laguna, Gaspar Ortiz, Town of Mora, Heirs of P. Armendaris, Heirs of Pedro Armendaris, Antonio Sandoval, Town of Charnita, Town of Tejon, and Ramon Vigil.

(1860, 2013), 2018, 5½x8½, paper, 256 pp.

ISBN: 9780788427213