The Virginia Papers, Volume 3, Volume 3ZZ of the Draper Manuscript Collection


In continuation of the series of volumes of the Virginia Papers in the Draper Manuscript Collection, this book includes numerous letters from William Fleming, William Preston, John Stewart and others relating to the defense of the Greenbrier country in present-day West Virginia from Indians and Tories in the early years of the American Revolution. Additionally, these papers report on the privations of the early settlers as well as accounts of the July 24, 1776, Battle of Long Island Flats on the Holston River, near Kingsport in northeastern Tennessee, and other military actions in Tennessee, with commentary on many of the actors in these events. Also included are some of the papers of Robert Dinwiddie, colonial governor of Virginia; a list of the casualties of Grant's defeat near Pittsburgh on September 14, 1758; and Dr. Samuel L. Campbell's lengthy narrative of Indian wars in West Virginia between 1764 and 1779, which bestows particular attention on the Battle of Point Pleasant, October 10, 1774, and on the murder of Cornstalk, the noted Indian chief.


Craig L. Heath


2005, 5½x8½, paper, index, 190 pp.

ISBN: 9780788432774