Harrison County, West Virginia, Death Records, 1853-1903


This is a compilation of the county’s earliest death records taken from Book 1, 1853-1904, which despite the dates in the title, actually has records only to 1903. Harrison County, Virginia (now West Virginia), was formed in 1784 and was a “crossroads county”, yet virtually nothing has been published from its vital records. This volume helps to correct that situation. Harrison County death records began with the year 1853. West Virginia became a state June 20, 1863; therefore, all its counties listed in this work prior to the formation of the state were named as Virginia counties. Included in this volume are the data most pertinent to the genealogist, excluding the cause of death. Information includes names of parents and/ or spouses and the birthplace. Where parents’ or spouses’ names are not available are given. Surname index included.


Patricia B. Hickman 

(1991), 2014, 5½x8½, paper, index, 198 pp.

ISBN: 9781556135279