Hamilton County, Ohio Burial Records, Volume 4: Miami Township Cemeteries


Based on information originally gathered by Wally O. Deer and his team before 1980, the work was improved upon by George C. Dreyer and several other volunteers. Maple Grove Cemetery had an interesting beginning: the land purchased in 1885 by Miami Township for this cemetery was actually located in Whitewater Township! "An Act" dated March 25, 1898 legalized the unusual ownership. Originally nearly 8 acres in size, the cemetery expanded over the years and now covers 19 acres. As of the early 1990s, the latest section (acquired in 1986) had not yet been platted for graves. The data were taken from a variety of sources including: the "Old White Books", deed and lot purchase receipt book, Veterans' Grave Registration File, and miscellaneous papers. The information is arranged in a columnar format and gives an alphabetical list of names for deeds purchased; a numerical lot sequence by section, name, and date purchased; an alphabetical list of Maple Grove burials; and a list of Maple Grove burials by section, lot, and grave. Other burial locations in Miami Township are discussed, including a plat of Congress Green Cemetery, Buck and Bateman family cemetery records, and inscriptions from Zion United Brethren Cemetery. Copies of several original documents are included.

Hamilton County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society

1993, paper, 500 pp.

ISBN: 9781556138270