Hamilton County, Ohio Birth Records 1874-1875 [two volumes]


Prior to 1865, births were not registered in Hamilton County, and birth certificates were not issued until 1908. This informative book provides birth records of June 1874 through 1875. The information was copied from Hamilton County, Ohio, births registers received from probate court. Due to their fragile conditions, the original registers will not be available to the public, and photocopies cannot be made from them. Department staff will check the registers if a question arises. All of the pertinent information in the birth register is recorded here. Researchers should keep in mind that most of these names have been spelled phonetically. Accents and pronunciation changed the sounds of names (i.e. Voll/Woll, Weber/Veber, Jablonsky/Yablonsky, etc.) The births were carelessly recorded by using abbreviations, failing to cross t’s, dot the i’s, crossing the l’s, and even omitting vowels. Whenever accuracy of a record is questioned or indecipherable, a question mark has been included.

Lois E. Hughes

(1993, 2011), 2023, 8½x11, paper, alphabetical, 2 vols., 546 pp.

ISBN: 9781556139154