Surgeon's Journey: A Venturesome Life


Finalist 2023 Indie Book Awards

Finalist's Medal in the category of Memoirs (Career)

In this book, Dr. George Hill recalls the story of his life, as a physician, historian, and teacher. He was also an adventurer, a Naval officer, and a father. In Surgeon’s Journey, Hill takes the reader from his boyhood home in rural Iowa in 1932 to Baltimore, ninety years later. Along the way, Hill tells of his experiences as a student at Yale and Harvard Medical School, and of his early training as a surgeon in New York City and Boston. He becomes a thoracic surgeon and a cancer surgeon, and then professor and chairman of a surgery department. He was also, at the same time, a world-wide traveler and Naval officer. He was active in the Boy Scouts, and as a volunteer with the American Cancer Society and other non-profit organizations.

Hill then made a momentous decision. At the peak of his career in academic medicine, he decided to retire from surgery and begin a new career. At the age of sixty-four, he entered graduate school to become a historian. He has now written or edited more than twenty-five books. This memoir, Surgeon’s Journey: A Venturesome Life, is intended to inspire others to follow their dreams.

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George J. Hill

2023, 6x9, paper, 584 pp.

ISBN: 9780788444227