State Boundaries of America: How, Why and When American State Lines were Formed


The United States is a layer cake of interstate boundaries laid down over centuries. This definitive reference, available for the first time in one convenient volume, offers a unique approach to understanding the formation of these boundaries and the accession of states. State formation is presented in a three-pronged approach: State Boundaries; Consolidated List of Grants, Treaties and U.S. Law; and Appendix A: State Line Segments. Cross-referenced data show literally the original text in legal documents spanning over 300 years. Original spelling has been maintained in the earliest descriptions of boundaries. State Boundaries entries show the state and each year a significant development occurred; for example, Virginia (1606, 1609, 1665, 1776, 1784, 1788, 1862). Italics indicate when the state boundaries were mostly defined and the accession date is underlined. Guiding underlines and narrative are used throughout to highlight important legal text. Consolidated List of Grants, Treaties and U.S. Law chronologically summarizes details about each legal document in the State Boundaries section; hotlinks are provided. Appendix A: State Line Segments tabular section delineates the state boundary completion sequence with legal references and thereby derives a state formation list. Additional appendices provide background material for the three primary sections; relevant social, political, and technological advances; and a reference section with hotlinks to state-related websites. This fact-filled volume is a must for the reference section of every library.

Jerry Hansen

2007, 5½x8½, paper, 238 pp. 

ISBN: 9780788444562