Hinshaw's Historical Index of Winchester, Indiana, Newspapers, 1857-1984


This is one of the most unique tools for historical research in Randolph County, Indiana, ever produced. This book covers all surviving newspapers from Winchester, Indiana, from 1857 until 1984. Winchester is the county seat of Randolph County, Indiana; located on the state's eastern border. Winchester is also the county's largest city, so the newspapers of the town covered events throughout the county's twelve townships. For many years, three different weekly newspapers served the community.

The material is organized alphabetically by category, including buildings, businesses, cemeteries, churches, clubs/organizations, libraries, lodges, newspapers, people, politics, post offices, schools, transportation, and others.

Each entry includes the newspaper title, the date of the entry, and a summary of the material included. An introductory section lists library holdings for each newspaper, giving the researcher assistance in locating original articles. No other source has ever attempted to organize so much information about Randolph County in one place. Particular attention has been given to topics of state and national note, as well as topics of interest to both academic and amateur historians.

Dr. Greg Hinshaw is the Superintendent of Schools of the Randolph Central School Corporation, Winchester, Indiana, and the state-appointed county historian for Randolph County. A lifelong resident of Randolph County, he is an academically trained educator and historian who has published numerous articles and books in the fields of local and religious history.


Gregory P. Hinshaw 

2009, 5½x8½, paper, 458 pp.

ISBN: 9780788450136