Victory at High Tide: The Inchon-Seoul Campaign


A swift moving account of the Inchon-Seoul amphibious campaign of September 1950 it describes the Marine dismemberment of the Communist invasion of South Korea. Despite natural obstacles, a fierce enemy, indecision in Washington and inter-service bickering, Inchon was taken by the Marines and the capital was liberated within a fortnight. Colonel Heinl, who was a participant and witness to these events, unstintingly criticizes or praises those who led the Marines through the campaign and provides lively and opinionated insights into the background of national politics and strategy, as well as the effects on the conduct of the war of the unification of services.


Robert D. Heinl, Jr. 

1979, (2009), paper, 6x9, 315 pp.

ISBN: 9780933852037