John Hawley/Halley born 1686, of Pomonkey, Charles County, Maryland and His Descendants


The author’s ancestors John Hawley/Halley (born 1686) and Hester Burch were married on March 4, 1712 in Accokeek, Maryland. John’s place of birth is unknown, but records clearly indicate that he died in Pomonkey, Charles County, Maryland. Early family historians believed that John Hawley/Halley was a member of the large Catholic Middlesex, England, family of Hawley. In documenting the descendants of John and Hester, the author has identified those who secured housing and fishing rights from President George Washington, one who purchased a lime kiln from President Thomas Jefferson, one who became the first congresswoman from South Carolina, one who married a famous artist of the Hudson Valley School, and one who was a famous artist. There are those who were penniless and those who were wealthy; those who served our nation proudly throughout every war our country fought, including those who fought on both sides during the Civil War and participated in the surrender at Appomattox Court House; those who accompanied Col. John Fairfax to settle what is now West Virginia; those who moved into the area surveyed by Lewis and Clark in Kentucky; those who migrated to the West; those who were instrumental in contributing to the industrial boom, those who taught school; those who preached religion to their fellow man; and those who practiced medicine. Most were just ordinary, plain, good individuals. Numerous vintage photographs, three maps, three facsimile reprints of military records, and an index to full-names, places and subjects augment the text.

Laura Hawley

2013, 5½x8½, paper, index, 424 pp.

ISBN: 9780788454929