Four Families: A Tetralogy, Synopsis of 481 Immigrants to America, With Some of Their Descendants and European Ancestors


Reader's Guide to Western Pilgrims, Quakers and Puritans, Fundy to Chesapeake, and American Dreams. Synopsis of 481 Immigrants and First Known Ancestors in America from Northern Europe in the Families of George J. Hill and Jessie F. Stockwell, William T. Shoemaker and Mabel Warren, William H. Thompson and Sarah D. Rundall, and John Zimmermann and Eva K. Kellerbenz, with Outlines of Their Descent from the Immigrants.

This book is a guide to four books about the genealogy of four American families: Western Pilgrims, Quakers and Puritans, Fundy to Cheasapeake, and American Dreams. It is the synopsis of a tetralogy. The ancestors of these families emigrated from Northern Europe to North America, coming by ship from many countries, over a span of two and a half centuries. Some of the immigrants in these families were related in Europe, and many of their descendants intermarried in America, so they form a complex web of social relationships.

A few members of the Four Families in America have identical ancestors in Europe. As a result, some of the books have overlapping genealogies and family histories. They are united in this synopsis. In alphabetical order, the immigrants and first known ancestors in America of the Four Families are listed, along with a brief biography of each, and also an outline of descent from each immigrant to one or more of the eight grandparents. There are 528 men and women in the text of this book and in the index. Of these, 481 (278 men and 203 women) are immigrants and first known ancestors in America. Additionally, thirty-one are European ancestors, and sixteen others are discussed. Unusual in this book, men and women are both considered to be equal in their contributions to the Four Families. The full maiden names of ninety women are known, and each has her own place in the alphabetical order in this synopsis. The maiden family name of 113 women is unknown, and each of them is given a place immediately after that of her husband; seventeen of them are truly femmes coverts, without even a record of their given name. For example, Edward Fuller, a passenger on the Mayflower in 1620 was accompanied by his wife, who is known to history only as “Mrs. Fuller.”

The first page of the text of this book highlights the featured names of sixty-eight immigrants whose stories are especially interesting. Students of the genealogy of emigrants from Europe to America will surely find other names of interest among the 528 in the full-name index.

George J. Hill, M.D., M.A., D.Litt.

2017, 8.5x11, paper, index, 174 pp.

ISBN: 9780788457890