New Jerusalem Lutheran Church Cemetery [Loudoun County, Virginia]


The New Jerusalem Lutheran Church congregation was established in Lovettsville, Virginia, in 1765 by people who were predominantly of a rural German background. Soon after a church building was constructed, burials began around it. The Lutheran pastors began recording burials in 1785. The earliest burial is not known as there are many unmarked graves. The earliest readable inscription is that of Isack Vckens (sic) 1770; however, the majority of the stones are from the 1800s. Mrs. Aurelia Jewell copied information from the headstones in 1949. Some of the stones she transcribed are no longer present or are not legible; seventy-eight stones have since been found and are included in this book.

The book is organized in three parts: an alphabetical list, a row order list, and an index for names other than the decedents. The alphabetical list is arranged by the surname of the deceased; the row order list is arranged by cemetery row. Entries include: location of the grave (stone and row), full name of the deceased, dates of birth and death, and other names (parent(s), spouse, consort, and/or children) and relationships (when stated). Index entries refer to other people on the headstone (not the decedent) followed by the row and headstone number (not the page number). This is not a complete listing as not all stones had inscriptions and not all inscriptions were legible.

Marty Hiatt and Craig R. Scott

(1995), 2019, 8½x11, paper, index, 66 pp.

ISBN: 9781888265057