Northampton County, Virginia Personal Property Tax Lists 1875, 1880 and 1885


This volume contains complete transcripts for the years: 1875, 1880, and 1885. The introduction includes a breakdown of the various templates for the three years transcribed in this book, which corresponds to the original documents.

Entries are grouped by year for White Males and for Colored Males. Column headings include: Names of Persons charged with taxes; White Males or Colored Males 21, taxed at $1.00; Horses # and value; Cattle # and value; Sheep # and value; Hogs # and value; Pleasure Carriages # and value; Books and Pictures value; Mechanics Tools value; Farming Implements; Watches # and value; Clocks # and value; Sewing Machine # and value (1880 and 1885); Pianos and Harps # and value; Household and Kitchen Furniture value; Gold and Silver plate value; Rifles, Muskets and Firearms value (1875 and 1880); Rifles, Shot Guns value (1885); Ships, Barges and Boats value; Other Personal Property value; Value of Personal Property; Value of Solvent Bonds and Demands; and, State Tax. The year 1875 is divided into: Capeville District, Eastville District (the only district that collected taxes for county and school purposes), and Franktown District. For 1875, capital invested in business out of state, moneys, bonds under control of court, moneys, bonds to the credit of any suit and income exceeding $600 are noted at the bottom of individual pages. A full-name index adds to the value of this work.

Allen B. Hamilton

2022, 8½x11, paper, index, 452 pp.

ISBN: 9781556136931