The West of Scotland in History: Being Brief Notes Concerning Events, Family Traditions, Topography, and Institutions


The sixty-one eloquent sketches contained in this book “have for the most part already appeared in print, as prepared…for publication in the ‘Glasgow Herald,’ daily or weekly, and ‘Evening Times.’” This book is a must for anyone interested in Scottish history. Notable figures, families, events and places are the focus of individual highly detailed sketches. Queen Mary, Sir Thomas Munro, General Roy of Carluke, Lord Provost Patrick Colquhoun, the battle of Langside (1568), Glasgow burgh records, old Glasgow houses, Dumfries Rood Fair, and the Renfrewshire witches are just a few of the topics discussed. These pages are peppered with names, including: Boswell, Cranstoun, Darnley, Elphinstone, Fleming, Fullarton, Herries, Knox, Lockhart, Lollard, Maxwell, Melville, Montgomerie, Montrose, Mure, Scott, Spreull, Steuart, Stuart, and many, many more. A new full-name index has been added to enhance the research value of this work.


Joseph Irving


(1885, 2001), 2012, 5½x8½, paper, index, 392 pp.

ISBN: 9780788419249