Excerpts from the Earliest Mason County, Kentucky Newspapers: The Mirror 1799 and The Maysville Eagle 1818 and 1825


Newspapers are a wonderful source of genealogical and historical data. The abstracted news articles herein are filled with names, dates, and events that were originally published in The Mirror in Washington, Kentucky, and The Maysville Eagle in Maysville, Kentucky. These articles reflect the social and political opinions, lifestyles, and priorities of the time. Readers will marvel at the contrast between the content of a 1799 or 1818 newspaper and the news items published in 2005. What a different life we lead! Stolen horses, runaway slaves, Indian attacks, debts, assault, murder, business openings, marriage announcements, death notices, and much more fill these pages. A list of letters remaining in the post office is a regular feature that presents a lengthy list of the names along with addresses such as "near Mill's Station" or "care of Mr. Hadon, Clarks Mill." "Domestic Intelligence," is another frequent feature that reports on the state of Indian relations. Some accounts from other towns and communities with interesting facts about peoples' lives in 1799 have been included. A full name index augments the text.


Rachelle Winters-Ibrahim


2006, 5½x8½, paper, index, 124 pp.

ISBN: 9780788431906