William Tilton: His English Origins and Some American Descendants

In this book the English home of William Tilton and his sons John and Peter Tilton has been traced to Wolston, Co. Warwickshire. Part 1 presents the Tilton family line and the female lines of Bayley, Dafferne, Focell and Pycroft in England, 1500-1725. The Tilton name is traced back seven generations with certainty in England. Part 2 presents findings of the first six generations of the Tilton family in America, 1640-1800. Appendices include details on President Millard Fillmore's Tilton ancestry, and a summary of Tilton names found but unable to be connected to known family branches. A full name index, pedigree charts, a bibliography, photos and maps are included. 2,500 names are noted.


William Haslet Jones


ISBN: 9780788406546