History of the Early Settlement of the Juniata Valley


This particular record offers a sobering illustration of the trials of pioneer life in early Pennsylvania, including: "predatory incursions, massacres, and abductions by the Indians during the French and Indian Wars, and the War of the Revolution, etc." The author's principal mission was to give a more detailed, substantial recitation of actual events, using first-hand accounts as his primary source of information to improve upon previous histories that were, in his words, "exceedingly brief, lacked detail, and in many instances were found grossly inaccurate." This he accomplished quite splendidly, incorporating all the pioneer stories he could muster into one comprehensive work, while still providing a broad view of important events which had an impact throughout the colonies. In regard to family histories, this book is replete with the names of early settlers, often their origins, where they began their homesteads, and, frequently, illuminating family anecdotes.

U. J. Jones

(1856), 2007, 5½x8½, paper, index, 416 pp. 

ISBN: 9780788408076