Aid to Finding Addresses in 1890 New York City Police Census


The 1890 New York City Police Census fills the gap for the lost 1890 Federal Census. It covers the county of New York which in 1890 included Manhattan, the West Bronx and a few adjacent islands. It has not been indexed so you must find your ancestors by their address. This book indexes every address in the 894 extant books of the original 1008 books, listing the book number the address will be found in and a cross reference of that number to the film number at the Latter-Day Saints Library in Salt Lake City. It lists separately Asylums & Children's Homes, Estates, Homes & Miscellaneous, Hospitals, Hotels, Jails and Prisons. With 114 of the census books lost, this book will save you endless hours looking for an address in a lost book. It will also alert you to the fact that some addresses are in more than one book. This book toke over five years to compile, so it was sold in sections to some genealogy libraries. Ruth A. Carr, Chief of the Genealogy section of the New York Public Library found it "A great asset to their collection," and it will be the same for your collection. When Mr. Jensen retired in 1984 he took up genealogy as a hobby. Since then he has self published many family books. He has also done much indexing for the Pinellas Genealogy Society at the Largo, Florida Library earning the Volunteer of the Year for the Genealogy section a few years ago.


Howard M. Jensen


(2003), 2007, 8½x11, paper, alphabetical, 290 pp.

ISBN: 9781585498802