The Swedish Settlements on the Delaware: Their History and Relation to the Indians, Dutch, and English, 1638-1664 [2 vols]


This fascinating encyclopedic work is the most comprehensive study of Swedish settlements in America. Lavishly illustrated, with an enormous bibliography and a massive subject index, this is an unmatched resource for anyone with an interest in history or genealogy relating to Swedish settlements or the Delaware River Valley. Topics covered include: Political, Social and Religious Conditions in Sweden; the Founding of the New Sweden Company and the Colony, 1635–1643; Peter Minuit and preparations for the early expeditions to New Sweden; Social, Economic and Political Life in the Colony; dwellings and customs; relations with the Indians, the English and the Dutch; the government of New Sweden; the Last Period of the Colony under Swedish Rule, 1653–1655; the Overthrow of New Sweden, 1654–1655; the Swedish Settlements under Dutch Rule, 1654–1664; the Coming of the Mercurius, 1655–1656; and the Last Period of the Swedish Settlements under the Dutch, 1656–1664. From 1611 to 1655, Sweden occupied Finland, Estonia, Latvia and parts of Denmark, such that many of the early "Swedish" settlers discussed here are actually Finns. Appendices include: Brief Biographies; Lists of Officers, Soldiers, Servants and Settlers in New Sweden, 1638–1656; Documents and Translations of Documents; and The Expeditions Prepared for New Sweden, 1647–1656.

Amandus Johnson

(1911), 2000, paper, illus., maps, 2 vols. 880 pp.

ISBN: 9780788413063