History of the Johnstown Flood [Pennsylvania]


Including All The Fearful Record; The Breaking of The South Fork Dam; The Sweeping Out Of The Conemaugh Valley; The Overthrow Of Johnstown; The Massing Of The Wreck At The Railroad Bridge; Escapes, Rescues, Searches For Survivors And The Dead; Relief Organization, Stupendous Charities, Etc., Etc., With Full Accounts Also Of The Destruction On The Susquehanna And Juniata Rivers, And The Bald Eagle Creek -

Hold on to your life jacket as you journey back to Friday, May 31, 1889, when millions of tons of water burst from the South Fork Reservoir and rapidly washed out Pennsylvania’s Conemaugh Valley. Harrowing eyewitness accounts by flood survivors keep these pages turning - tales of the enormous wall of water (reported by some to be 50 feet high!), the rushing whirlpool of debris, the fire at the stone bridge, acts of extraordinary valor, relief efforts, and more. Genealogists will find hundreds of names (catalogued in a new fullname index) in this historical narrative. A supplemental chapter furnishes brief accounts of floods from Virginia to New York. A map of the Conemaugh District, and numerous photographs of the disaster enhance the text.

Willis Fletcher Johnson 

(1889), 2001, 5½x8½, paper, index, 473 pp.

ISBN: 9780788417153