"Beyond the Blue Mountain": Bartholomew Pastoral Records


Reverend Abraham Bartholomew was a minister in the German Reformed Church in Pennsylvania for thirty-three years, from May 1861 until Aug. 1894. This work will prove invaluable to those interested in researching the counties of Lehigh, Carbon, Schuylkill and Northampton. Compiled from the pastoral records he kept during his ministry, these pages contain records of 1,968 births and baptisms; 1,191 marriages; and 1,360 funerals. The birth and baptism records contain the following: child's full name, date of birth (if known), and the full names of the parents and witnesses. The marriage entries include: surname and given name of the bride and groom, date of marriage, and place of residence prior to the marriage. The death entries include: full name of the deceased and complete date of death, including the age at time of death. Rev. Bartholomew served in nine different churches during his pastoral career. These churches are listed by name, location, and his dates of service. This work is further accentuated by personal information including letters of resignation and Bartholomew's obituary, dated September 10, 1903. An original full name index has been included.

Carolyn Zimmerman Johns

(2001), 2008, 8½x11, paper, index, 214 pp.

ISBN: 9780788418921