Northfield Families: From Cambridgeshire to the United States and Australia


This volume takes a look at the Northfield family. The family originated in Cambridgeshire, England with John Northfield (c.1738). The family subsequently moved to the United States in 1849, entering the U.S. via the St. Lawrence Seaway and settled in Portage County, Wisconsin. They then immigrated to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and finally to Red Wing, Minnesota. Included in the records are dates of birth, marriage and death, where they lived, burial place, and in some cases a history of the person. Original records of births, baptisms, deaths, etc are included with the records. Pictures, maps and 50 pages of Civil War history highlight this volume. This is a well-documented bibliography, which contains family charts, and official Civil War messages between officers from the 17th Wisconsin Regiment. A full name index is also included.

Jean Northfield Johnson and Esther Northfield Ducklow

2002, cloth, 8½x11, index, c400 pp.

ISBN: 9780788420757