Battlefields, Bibles and Bandages: Portraying an American Civil War Nun


European Nuns were trained in medicine and nursing throughout their long history. When they came to the United States as missionaries carrying the message of the Lord, they also brought with them their dedication to heal humankind of their physical wounds as well as their spiritual ones. Without their self-sacrifice, many of our Civil War ancestors wound not have lived. Now you can read their amazing history from the beginning of Christianity to the Civil War.

This highly instructional manual will give you the basic facts of the life of Civil War Nuns and how to portray these women who served as nurses and caregivers on both sides of the conflict. Ms. Jones has included chapters on the Catholic Church's basic beliefs, prayers in both English and Latin and surgical techniques that will help you portray your historic persona accurately. Along with illustrations and photographs of the habits of each order that served with the armies of both sides of the conflict, Ms. Jones has also included a list of research information, websites, units and Motherhouse contacts and addresses.

Kelsey Jones is a retired nurse and has been Civil War reenacting since 1994. She began portraying a Civil War Nun in the summer of 1997. She has since established the role as a serious and highly respected part of history of the United States and has helped many women establish their own roles. Kelsey has authored the Sisters of St. Brigid Newsletter and eight information booklets on the Civil War reenacting community. She has also written several articles for reenacting magazines on Civil War nursing and has spoken at the Civil War Women Symposium in Gettysburg. She is a speaker at many school functions and convent luncheons where she talks about the history of the Sisterhood and nursing.


Kelsey Jones


(2005), 2011, 5½x8½, paper, 116 pp.

ISBN: 9780788435829