American Prisoners of War Held at Quebec during the War of 1812, 8 June 1813-11 December 1814


This work was transcribed from records of the British Admiralty pertaining to American prisoners of war held at Quebec, Lower Canada, during the War of 1812. Those interned included 1,834 American soldiers, sailors, marines, privateers, and civilians. All of the men were captured during the various land battles or naval actions on or around the Great Lakes or Lake Champlain. An alphabetical listing of names, a numeric listing by prison number, a sailors listing by ship, a soldiers listing by battle, a list of dead, a list of marines, and a list of civilians are included in this work. Some of the famous land battles in which American soldiers were captured include the Battles of Lundy's Lane, Chippewa, Stoney Creek, Fort George and Fort Niagara. Sailors were captured on the United States ships: Eagle, Growler, Julia, Ohio, Scorpion, Somers and Tigress. Many other Americans were captured during minor land battles and on other U.S. ships.

Mr. Johnson is a lineal descendant of five veterans of the War of 1812 and he is the past president of the Society of the War of 1812 in the State of Ohio.

Eric Eugene Johnson

(2008), 2011, 8½x11, paper, alphabetical, 224 pp.

ISBN: 9780788452741