Baptisms and Admission from the Records of the First Church in Falmouth, now Portland, Maine, with Appendix of Historical Places


This publication was a project of the original Maine Genealogical Society, founded in 1884; the society later merged with the Maine Historical Society. This volume contains names of church members, 1726–1855; marriages by Rev. Thomas Smith, 1750–1753; baptisms, 1730–1825; the history of Falmouth, Maine, 1603–1732; the history of Falmouth ministry, 1630–1753; a list of Louisburg soldiers, 1745; rolls of Falmouth soldiers, 1755, 1757, and 1778; tax lists, 1760 and 1766; a list of scholars who attended Master Parsons’ School in 1771; and a list of pew owners 1753, 1788, and 1826. A full-name index adds to the value of this work. David C. and Elizabeth (Keene) Young have authored the foreword to this edition, which provides a brief history of the Maine Genealogical Society, its projects and published works, many of which have been unsurpassed.

Marquis F. King

(1898, 1990), 2013, 5½x½, paper, index, 146 pp.

ISBN: 9781556133749