Guide to the Historical Records of Oklahoma (Revised Edition)


This revised and updated edition of Mr. Koplowitz's book, like the 1990 original, lists public records through 1920 for the county offices of assessor, board of county commissioners, county clerk, court clerk, election board, sheriff, superintendent of schools, and treasurer in all seventy-seven counties throughout Oklahoma. Municipal records of historic significance and of cities and towns with populations over five thousand are also included. In addition, the Guide contains listings of public records stored in historical societies, museums, public libraries, and special collections. Primarily of use to genealogical and historical researchers, many of the record collections cited in the Guide are from the territorial and early statehood periods, and they relate to such matters as birth and death, marriage and divorce, land ownership, litigation, schools and students, and the development of cities and towns. The citations are arranged in alphabetical order by county and city. As in the previous edition, Mr. Koplowitz surveyed county and municipal officials by letter and telephone to compile the information. This edition contains new and expanded holdings statements for many offices, as well as format changes-such as running headers-designed to make the Guide easier to use. There is also a new map that shows all of the Oklahoma counties and county seats. Mr. Koplowitz has been the assistant curator of the University of Oklahoma's Western History Collection since 1986; before that he was head of the Oklahoma State Archives Division of the Oklahoma Department of Libraries, so he is very familiar with the needs of researchers. If you are looking for information about Oklahoma, this book should be one of your primary resources.


Bradford Koplowitz


(1997), 2007, 5½x8½, paper, map, 236 pp.

ISBN: 9780788407307