Local History and Genealogical Abstracts from the Fairmount News, 1901-1905


Local History and Genealogical Abstracts from the Fairmount News, 1901-1905 - Ralph D. Kirkpatrick. The town of Fairmount is located on the Back Creek in Fairmount Township, Grant County, Indiana. In the mid-nineteenth century, the Quakers established the town, naming it for the beautiful “Fairmount Park” in the Quaker city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Civil War claimed the attention of the community and also claimed the lives of several who died in the Northern army. Growth of the town and its population following the war was slow but soon quickened with the coming of the railroads. Natural gas discoveries and gas exploitation dominated the 1890s. Factories, particularly glass factories, were built to utilize the gas. The first years of the twentieth century saw further development of the institutions that gave added meaning to the lives of Grant County citizens. Churches and educational facilities, as well as industrial and commercial enterprises, were all enhanced by technological advances that made possible the electric lights, telephones and automobiles that now appear on the scene. The Spanish-American War and the War in the Philippines caused hardly a ripple in the community, even though several men served in the military during these conflicts. Included in this wonderfully informative work are abstracts of births, marriages and deaths which took place in the community. The information has been gleaned from Fairmount newspapers published during the years 1901 through 1905. The alphabetically arranged name entries may include: marriages, anniversaries, birth and death dates, occupation, location of funeral, age, organizations, names of schools and churches, and more. (1997), 2012, 5½x8½, paper, alphabetical, 182 pp.

ISBN: 9780788408601