Georgia's Roster of the Revolution


Containing a List of the State's Defenders; Officers and Men; Soldiers and Sailors; Partisans and Regulars; Whether Enlisted from Georgia or Settled in Georgia After the Close of Hostilities

This book contains approximately 9,000 names, and a vast assortment of interesting historical data pertaining to the Revolutionary War. Several letters of particular interest have been included. One is from Secretary Knox of the U.S. War Department (dated May 10, 1790) which provides lists from Georgia of "a number of non-commissioned officers and privates." Two other letters are from Colonel McIntosh to General Washington dated February 16, 1776 and April 28, 1776. This work lists the names of the officers of the Georgia Battalion, February 16, 1776. The names of officers in the Continental Line of the Georgia Brigade (Infantry, Dragoons, Legionary Corps and General Staff) are included, as well as the names of officers and soldiers who made application for land under the Act of February 17, 1783. The Certificates of Service in the American Revolution are provided, and there are sections listing Head-Rights and Land-Lottery Grants to Revolutionary Soldiers, and Bounty Surveys (i.e., Head-Rights) recorded by the Surveyor-General. A certified list of Georgia Troops, lists of Georgia Revolutionary Pensioners and marked Georgia Revolutionary Graves have also been included. This work is complemented by the original full name index.

Lucian Lamar Knight

(1920), 2008, 5½x8½, paper, index, 658 pp.

ISBN: 9780788420047