A Third Rutan Family Index


A Third Rutan Family Index - James J. Keegan. This third volume is intended to supplement the previous books and to be used in conjunction with them. Over half of the Rutans listed in this book did not appear in the earlier versions and those mentioned in the earlier versions appear here only if new information on them has come to light. In this new work numerous Rutans who were formerly unidentified have now been found; many spouses whose names were unknown are now identified; scores of Rutans whose antecedents were uncertain have been connected to their families; Rutan family migration routes before 1850 are discussed; the format utilized in the previous books has been maintained, the bibliography has been expanded and the complete name index updated. Similar to the first two volumes, this index is divided into three mains sections: Rutans in the Northeast Atlantic Colonies and the United States, 1659-1799; Rutans in the Northeastern United States Born After 1799; Rutans Located Outside the Northeastern United States. Entries are arranged alphabetically within each section. Possible information in each listing includes birth, marriage and death dates; residence; occupation; religious affiliations and political leanings; names of parents and children; variation in name spelling; military career and more. Citations to sources are included to point users to original material. A fullname index cross-referencing spouses, and a bibliography of other pertinent sources, will prove very handy to researchers.

(2002), 2010, 5½x8½, paper, index, 346 pp.

ISBN: 9780788421136