God's Mountain, McLaughlin's Valley


Hugh McLaughlin never knew he changed the world. His story begins when, as a young man, Hugh loses his father, is forced into servitude, and in order to regain his freedom, marches into the Revolutionary War. Join Hugh and the Continental Army at Valley Forge; accompany him through the ordeals of war as he is surrounded by death, infected with smallpox, wounded and finally taken prisoner. Witness how these experiences shape the character of a man. But this story encompasses more than the Revolutionary War; it delves into the personal wars tormenting each of the major characters. When Hugh returns home to the mountains of western Virginia, he falls in love with Nancy Gwin, the daughter of a wealthy planter. They marry against her family's objections and for the next decade, Hugh and Nancy battle through the estrangement of her family and prejudice from their neighbors. Finally, the full power of his life and spirit is discovered. This is a story you can get lost in.

Joan M. Kay

(2005), 2012, 5½x8½, paper, 340 pp.

ISBN: 9780788432804