Teaching Genealogy to Young People


Young people have the wonderful opportunity to record their family history as they are living it day to day, but it can be a challenge to arouse students' interest in genealogy, so the right approach is essential. Here is a guide to offering older children and teenagers a personalized journey through history with a little geography on the side; teaching the art of climbing the family tree; and developing the detective skills necessary to discover missing pieces and family secrets. This unique book opens with a brief overview, followed by a teacher's manual and class lessons for both beginning and intermediate genealogy classes. Well-structured lesson plans introduce students to essential genealogical tools such as maps, oral history collection, and research methods. The Junior Genealogy Workbook section contains all the forms necessary to make your class a success: pedigree charts, correspondence logs, IGI forms, microfiche forms, cemetery research forms, land deed research forms, census forms, etc. All these forms are also contained in the Young People's Workbook for Junior Genealogy Classes.

Bee Bartron Koons

(2004), 2006, 8½x11, paper, 227 pp.

ISBN: 9780788433535