The Virginia Frontier, 1754-1763


The Virginia Frontier, 1754-1763 - Louis K. Koontz, Ph.D. This work provides a history of the Virginia frontier during the French and Indian War. At that time Virginia's frontier extended from the vicinity of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, south to the Carolina border. In addition to the topography of the area, Indian trails and migration routes, the author discusses at length the roles of Governor Robert Dinwiddie and the young George Washington in securing this vast region, and identifies eighty-one forts, stockades, and blockhouses used to defend the frontier. Numerous contemporary papers are quoted in the text and the lengthy appendix. Extensive documentation includes material from the Draper, Huntington, and Washington manuscript collections.

(1925), 2006, 5½x8½, paper, index, 184 pp.

 ISBN: 9781556136634