The Colonial Montgomery Family of Eglinton, Monmouth County, New Jersey


And Descendants of David Clark Montgomery (1831-1923) of Little Creek, Delaware Including the family lines of Arthurs, Buckson, Carson, Hendrickson, Hood, Keith, Marland, Martindale, Melson, Montgomery, Mousley, Muncy, Pleasanton, Stark and Sullivan.  

The descendants of David Clark Montgomery have been expanded to the present day as much as possible. Original information has also been confirmed and correctedas necessary. A great majority of this information was verified and expanded by one or more family members of each of David Clark’s children. Information on the ancient family of Montgomery (from Monmouth County New Jersey) has been included. Research done to verify this ancient information necessitated clarification through these splinter lines. True to most families, almost every generation used the same names for their children, creating multiple identical names within the same generation and across all generations.


Cathy Jones Kyle 

2006, 7x10, cloth, 171 pp.

 ISBN: 9780788437533