The Records of the Virginia Company of London: The Court Book, 1622-1624, Volume II


Susan M. Kingsbury.

Volume Two contains court records from May 20, 1622 to June 7, 1624, resuming chronologically from the last entry in Volume One (1619-1622). These court meetings dealt with such issues as the defense of the Plantation, land boundaries, inheritances, ship arrivals, company accounts and disputes. Lists of names of those present at each meeting include such historical figures as Captain Martin of the illfated Martin’s Hundred: Newport, Southampton (Wriothsly), Yeardley, Raleigh, Ferrar, De Lawar (Delaware), Diggs, Sandys, and Summers. The index for both Volume One and Volume Two is contained in Volume Two.


Susan M. Kingsbury


(1906, 1994), 2009, 5½x8½, paper, index, 622 pp.

ISBN: 1556139357