Redcoat Uniforms in North America, 1754-1763


The British Army stumbled into the frontier conflict for North America unprepared and ill equipped for the territory. In a war marked by early failures in tactics and strategy, the British Army would have to adapt to their surroundings in many ways to achieve victory. Not the least of which was in uniforms and equipment. From the simple act of lightening the baggage the average soldier carried, to changing the very weapons he fought with, this war would see much change to the Redcoat in North America. This book details these changes by examining the journals, accounts, and artwork of those who were actually there, as well as the official British Army records. A great deal of time and detail is spent discussing the nuts and bolts of the soldiers' uniforms and equipment and the system that supplied them. Field alterations and official modifications are also included. The vivid descriptions are given life in over a dozen illustrations and diagrams, making this an extremely comprehensive study of an army in transition. This study of Redcoat uniforms and gear reveals the dynamic and radical change of centuries-old British Army traditions, and serves as a comprehensive guide for re-enactors, painters, historians, and others seeking knowledge of the era.

William B. Koker

2007, 5½x8½, paper, 148 pp. 

ISBN: 9780788444807