Consigned Indifference: The Military Careers of Six Civil War Generals with Tenuous Fame


The military saga of the generals discussed in this manuscript represents only six of the nearly 1,000 notable individuals who held the exalted rank of general during what is perhaps America's most important conflict. While many of these individuals have received their just attention, one can only hope that future historians will investigate the lives of those who have not. This volume examines the plight, problems, situations, etc. of the following six generals: General Charles P. Stone, U.S.; General Charles Smith Hamilton, U.S.; General Lloyd Tilghman, CSA; General George Stoneman, U.S.; General Evander McIvor Law, CSA; General Charles Garrison Harker, U.S. Numerous illustrations enliven the text, and a section devoted to "Epitaphs and Notes" completes this work.


Ron V. Killian


2009, 5½x8½, paper, 428 pp.

ISBN: 9780788445163