Further Materials on Lewis Wetzel and the Upper Ohio Frontier


The Historical Narrative of George Edgington, Peter Henry's Account, The Narrative of Spencer Records, The Reminiscences of Stephen Burkham

This is the third volume in a series of materials relating to warfare on the Upper Ohio between the end of the French and Indian War (1754-1763) and Anthony Wayne's victory at Fallen Timbers (1794). Previously unpublished, these papers are part of the priceless Draper Manuscript Collection at the Wisconsin Historical Society. The Historical Narrative of George Edgington (1845) is important for its equal treatment of Lewis Wetzel and Samuel Brady, two of the greatest scouts at that time. Peter Henry's Account (1850) contains a dramatic description of his capture by Indians in 1779. Spencer Records was a militia captain whose accounts of alarms and excursions on the frontier are especially interesting from the years 1780-1783 in Pennsylvania and 1784-1793 in Kentucky. Captain Records wrote his narrative in 1842 as a personal memoir for his children. The final narrative, The Recollections of Stephen Burkam (1845), recounts both sieges of Wheeling, (West) Virginia in detail as well as Colonel Williamson's attack on the Moravian village in 1782. (1994), 2007, 5½x8½, paper, index, 126 pp.


Jared C. Lobdell 


ISBN: 9780788400735