Genealogical Abstracts of the Laws of Pennsylvania and the Statutes at Large


The Statutes at Large of Pennsylvania and the Laws of Pennsylvania are an untapped genealogical goldmine. Much of the information found in these books may not be duplicated anywhere else. Name changes, children being legitimized for inheritances, divorces and annulments, oaths of allegiance, Revolutionary War pensions, debtors in prison, trustees of early churches, Indian murders, establishment of roads and county boundaries are just a few of the topics these early laws cover. All of the laws have been abstracted and condensed for this book; however, name and place spellings have been left as found in the original law. A bibliography, a full-name index, and an index of places add to the value of this work.


Candy Crocker Livengood


(1990, 2001), 2013, 6x9, paper, index, 364 pp.

ISBN: 9781585491766