A Crocker Genealogy


Deacon William and Alice Crocker traveled from England to Boston, possibly onboard the ship Griffin, and arrived in 1634. They lived first in Scituate, Massachusetts. Then, following their pastor Rev. John Lothrop, they settled in Barnstable, Massachusetts, in 1639. Five of their seven children married and had children, beginning an American family that endures to this day. At the time of his death in 1692, William Crocker could count at least forty-eight living descendants. This book features his male and female descendants to the fourteenth generation. The book includes a general index, an index of both males and females who were born Crockers, and an index (for cross-reference purposes) of women who married Crockers. Generational information is easy to find and follow with a logical numbering system that enables tracing generations both backward and forward. Short histories (in some instances) of families connected to Crockers by marriage are provided to aid in tracing relationships to other lines. Information includes: birth, marriage and death dates; name of ship they arrived on (if provided); children; and cause of death. A selected bibliography provides sources for more in-depth research in connecting families. Allied families include: Bourne, Crosby, Bursley, Cobb, Davis, Fish, Fuller, Goodspeed, Hallett, Hamblin, Hinckley, Howland, Jenkins, Jones, Lovell, Nyes, Parker, Phinney, Sampson, Scudder, Smith, Thacher, and Winslow. The author is a direct descendant of Deacon William Crocker. In addition to this latest work, Ms. Leonard has also written a book on Osterville, magazine articles, and a weekly newspaper column.


Andrea Leonard


(1995), 2012, 5½x8½, paper, index, 326 pp.

ISBN: 9780788401978