Robertson County, Tennessee Marriage Book 2, 1859-1873

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Robertson County, Tennessee Marriage Book 2, 1859-1873 - J. Mark Lowe. Robertson County was created in 1796, when Tennessee was admitted to statehood. Although marriages were recorded from its creation, the law regarding marriage books was not enacted until 1838. Marriage Book 2 covers the period during the Civil War and the earliest recording of marriages between former slaves. A single marriage bond book is extant with entries from April 1859 through July 1865. Additional information from the bond book was incorporated with this work. The entries in Marriage Book 2 were not recorded in chronological order. It is likely the entries were copied from the "loose" original marriage records or other records. This volume has been prepared in alphabetical order by groom, with an index of brides and bondsmen. (2002), 2017, 5½x8½, paper, alpha., index, 174 pp. 101-L0805 ISBN: 158549805X