History of the Lauderdales in America, 1714-1850


History of the Lauderdales in America, 1714-1850 - Clint A. Lauderdale. This book traces the Lauderdale name across America from the years 1714-1850 and includes about 720 Lauderdale first names and 530 other surnames. The history starts with James the Emigrant and traces through his descendants, referred to as the southern Lauderdales, who from 1780 to 1850, migrated from Virginia to Tennessee, South Carolina, Alabama, Texas, Missouri and Illinois. The book details the family history and activities of the Major William Lauderdale, for whom Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, is named and Lt. Colonel James Lauderdale, from whom counties in Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama are named. A chapter is included on the Northern Lauderdales, which include Lauderdales from New York, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, for whom Lauderdale Lakes and a suburb in Minneapolis were named. Also mentioned is a Lauderdale family in South Carolina and another in Lunenburg County, Virginia. Also included is a chapter on Black Lauderdales, which provides information on slaves owned by or associated with a Lauderdale family. Some of the slaves adopted the Lauderdale name. The appendix includes the Earls of Lauderdale; the identity of Lauderdales in the Botetourt County, Virginia, enumerations of the 1780’s; James Shelby Lauderdale’s letter; and the Lauderdales in the War of 1812. The appendix also includes the children of Jeremiah, John, Jr., Mary, and William Henry. This book contains illustrations and a full name index of about 720 Lauderdale first names and 530 other surnames. (1998), 2008, 5½x8½, paper, index, 238 pp.

ISBN: 9780788409523